Patent and Trade Secret Expert

An Expert in Manufacturing, Equipment & Machines, and Automation Devices

Patent Infringement

William S. Howard, PhD is a practicing machinery design engineer with five US patents (and one more patent in Europe). All of these are in the field of Industrial Machinery, covering both mechanical and software inventions. Dr. Howard has significant experience with Intellectual Property litigation, including Patent Infringement, Patent Invalidity, and Trade Secrets.

Dr. William Howard has many years of experience developing patented machinery. In addition, he has designed around other company's patented machinery. This experience can help you to determine if one company's machinery infringes upon another's patent.

Patent Invalidity

Dr. William S Howard holds several machine patents, and has designed and developed various patented machinery, and has assisted others to develop machinery based upon their patents. This engineering experience will help you to determine if a company's patent is invalid, by reasons such as Obviousness or an Inadequate Written Description.

Dr. William S. Howard, PhD has trial and deposition experience in both Patent Infringement, and Patent Invalidity.

Trade Secrets

Dr. William S Howard has significant personal experience developing and maintaining trade secrets related to industrial machinery. He has worked with dozens of companies to develop and maintain their trade secrets. In addition, he has performed both forward and reverse design engineering of machinery. This engineering experience can assist you to determine if a company's trade secrets have been misappropriated.

Dr. William S. Howard, PhD has trial and deposition experience in Trade Secrets.

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